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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sewer Installation

Little windy today we were still able to get this sewer installed.
New Sewer Service Lateral
Millard County

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Basment, Sewer, and Water

Been hard to get a couple dry days to get anything done but we managed to get this one, on to the next project.
New House Salt Lake County

Concrete Pipe

Demode bunch of 10'' concrete pipe that was to shallow for deep tillage rippers in this hay field.
new pivot millard county


installed 12'' metal culvert
Millard County

Friday, April 8, 2011

French Drain

Forgot to take any pictures, ever since a new irrigation line has been put in, the high water table has been following the new pipe line and flooding out this farmers hay stack. Solution, put a french drain around the hay stack, used 4'' perforated pipe and sewer rock. Dumps into ditch on side of highway. Little bit of a challenge not to sink out of site, and get rock in the trench in the swamp. 
french drain
Carbon County

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tree Removal

big treebefore


I have pushed a lot of trees over, this one almost got me. The challenge was, it needed to be pushed over the opposite way it was leaning preferably on that old house, so it could be burnt, not towards the equipment shed that was in danger of it, if it naturally fell the way it was leaning, which you cant see in my pictures.

The tree was right next to a road that I was trying to avoid damaging with my machine and sat in a ditch which was another challenge, I had the tree pushed over about 15 feet towards the old house and its roots had finally broke loose ha ha I had won. I ran out of room I was starting to cross the ditch and the big root system was beginning to come up at me, I thought for sure it would stay there if I got another grab down lower on the tree, so I eased off of it very slowly just in case it wanted to come back. Just then I slipped off of the big trunk and went through the middle of the tree, guess what ? It wanted to come back, luckily I turned the machine just enough to catch the other trunk with my boom. I call this picture in my picture album ,    Thank You Lord.

Lucky for me I had some friends close by that came over and lifted the tree off of me while I crawled out from under it, I want to thank everyone that was involved with that big tree, they helped me get out off a bad situation with only a broken light.